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I’m a writer, specializing in sci-fi and fantasy with the occasional foray into horror and other genres.  You can find my stories for sale on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, the iBookstore, Kobo, and Links to my more mature content can be found on the Hardcover tab. Be sure to rate and review whatever you read.

“Bandits of Moftal” is the first novelette in “The Trials of Seffin Phel”, wherein Seffin goes to the greatest crime lord in the kingdom looking for a job.

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“The Alchemist” is the second novelette in “The Trials of Seffin Phel”. Seffin must work quickly to stop an alchemist whose plans may bring down the entire kingdom of Mer’cil.

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The third novella in the series. Seffin Phel was once apprenticed to the most powerful crime lord in the Kingdom of Mer’cil; but now, he’s chased by the king’s men, by old foes, and by a wizard’s curse. He needs new allies if he’s to survive; but where can he find them?

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Sci-fi short story. When her father is incapacitated, a young girl must take over more than just his spaceship.

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Fantasy short story. A young girl must learn to take care of her father’s magical birds.

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Two brothers have become bounty hunters together and are searching for a pair of dangerous criminals. This short story is told twice in this collection, first as a Western called “Brothers in the Dust” and then as sci-fi in “Brothers in the Void”.

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