Stephen Talks

…About Donald Trump on Meta

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, has lifted their ban on Donald Trump’s accounts. We’ll see how they handle his inevitable lies and incitements in the future.

…About Writing Mysteries

Are you writing the kind of mystery you like to solve?  Can you solve it the way it’s written?  If you can’t, then I guarantee your readers won’t be able to.  In this episode, I talk about how to write good mysteries.

…About James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise

James Cameron has taken us to a new world, with new life and new civilizations. A lot of people around the world love the Avatar movies, but a lot of people have concerns about them. In this podcast, I talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly about Avatar.

…About the Role of Thanksgiving

The more we learn about the true history of our nation and how it was formed, the more injustices we’ll notice in the world today, and the more motivated we’ll be to correct them. That’s what I think the purpose of Thanksgiving should be.

…About Leaving Twitter

Elon Musk’s ostensible purpose in buying Twitter was to make it a “platform for free speech around the globe”. It already was that. Now, it’s just another free-for-all hellscape, and I want no part in it.

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