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I do free beta readings by appointment and offer editing services for a fee. I also offer honest reviews and ratings for double the purchase price of the book (so I can be listed as a verified purchase). I’ll post the reviews on whichever platform I bought the book from and on my social media, including Goodreads and Instagram. I’ll also post the review on this page, along with a link to where your book can be purchased for up to one year. You can contact me via email,, for rates and conditions.

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Jerry Harwood’s “Freckles: The Dark Wizard” and “InPassage”

I’ve just finished reviewing two of Jerry Harwood’s books, “Freckles: The Dark Wizard” and “InPassage”. “Freckles” is a fantasy book for younger children, though grown-ups can still enjoy it and relate to its themes of self-image and self-acceptance. It’s about Simon, a middle school-age wizard-in-training who has to deal with more than his share of middle school troubles while also learning how to deal with what is basically the wizard equivalent of puberty. “InPassage” is about a time-traveling “Ranger” who has lost his memory and can’t remember why he’s ended up in what appears to be our modern age, though an event called “The Fever” has turned our world into a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Is the Ranger here to help, or to make things worse? Even he doesn’t know. Jerry Harwood is good at crafting new worlds and filling them with interesting characters, though his style can be hard to follow. You can read my full reviews of “Freckles” and “InPassage” on Amazon or on my Goodreads profile. Be sure to let me know if the reviews were helpful.

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