…About Writing Mysteries

Are you writing the kind of mystery you like to solve?  Can you solve it the way it’s written?  If you can’t, then I guarantee your readers won’t be able to.  In this episode, I talk about how to write good mysteries.

…About James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise

James Cameron has taken us to a new world, with new life and new civilizations. A lot of people around the world love the Avatar movies, but a lot of people have concerns about them. In this podcast, I talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly about Avatar.

…About Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is one of a writer’s most important tasks. Whatever you write, whether it’s regular fiction or science fiction, whether it’s for books, movies, comics, television, or even video games, you need to build a strong foundation for it. You need to build a world for it.

…About Taxes

I’ve always been a writer, and a few years ago, I decided it was time to start acting like a professional one; and that meant paying taxes like one.

…About the Human Element

The most important part of any story, even more so than the plot itself, is the characters.  We need to be able to empathize with them if we’re going to continue reading about and watching them.  But do the characters need to be humans for us to care what happens to them?

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