…About the 2nd Amendment

If the Founders could see all the people, especially the children, who have died by gun violence, would they still have written the 2nd Amendment? My thoughts on the school shooting in Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on why we need gun control, and why the 2nd Amendment is not an absolute right.

…About Abortion

The United States Supreme Court is about to rule (again) on whether or not women have the right to an abortion. I talk here about who should have a say in that decision.

20 from 2020

I made a lot of videos and podcast episodes in 2020. To narrow down which ones I’d pick for this video, I divided them into four categories and picked five from each one. I also talk for a little while at the beginning about my plans for making videos and podcasting in the new year, and especially my plans for writing.

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