…Rewrites Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

“Overdrawn at the Memory Bank” is a TV Movie from the 1980s based on a story written in the 1970s which is ripe for a reboot in the 2020s, either as part of a TV series or as a movie in the vein of “Inception” and “The Matrix”.

…About Prequels

Once a story is told and you’re wondering where to go next, sometimes the best place to go is back to the beginning…or even further.

…About the 2020 Monte Awards

The Monte Awards are a different type of awards show, one that shines a light on movies that don’t get as much attention as blockbusters and Oscar-bait but still deserve it.  This year’s Montes will be awarded on March 19th.  You can watch last year’s show on my YouTube channel.

…About the Human Element

The most important part of any story, even more so than the plot itself, is the characters.  We need to be able to empathize with them if we’re going to continue reading about and watching them.  But do the characters need to be humans for us to care what happens to them?

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