…About WandaVision (Spoilers)

WandaVision is being hailed as a bold and experimental miniseries. But is it really that different from the rest of the MCU? I talk about the show itself and what I feel were its missed opportunities.

…About Prequels

Once a story is told and you’re wondering where to go next, sometimes the best place to go is back to the beginning…or even further.

…About His Favorite Phase of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is over 20 movies long with a dozen TV shows and miniseries to its name. It’s about to finish its third “phase” and move into a new one. But Phase One still is and probably will remain my favorite phase.

…About Avengers: Infinity War

“Avengers: Infinity War” is a phenomenally successful movie, the pinnacle of expanded cinematic universe efforts. But, narratively speaking, there are some problems with it. Part 1 of this episode deals with how Marvel Studios could have led up to the movie, and Part 2 covers changes they could have made to the movie itself.



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