…About Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is one of a writer’s most important tasks. Whatever you write, whether it’s regular fiction or science fiction, whether it’s for books, movies, comics, television, or even video games, you need to build a strong foundation for it. You need to build a world for it.

…About Abortion

The United States Supreme Court is about to rule (again) on whether or not women have the right to an abortion. I talk here about who should have a say in that decision.

…About Taxes

I’ve always been a writer, and a few years ago, I decided it was time to start acting like a professional one; and that meant paying taxes like one.

…About the January 6th Attack

So long as the people who planned and perpetrated this attack go free, and so long as there are those who seek to distort the facts about it, we’ll never heal, and we’ll never be united. That is why we can never forget January 6th.

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