Stephen Socializes

Here are the links to all of my social media accounts (that are associated with my writing life, at least).

Follow my page on Facebook and share my posts with your friends and family.

You can talk with me on Twitter about almost any subject.  My first rule there, though, is I don’t respond to the same person more than three times in the same thread.  It’s a way to keep me from getting tied up when I should be writing (and to curtail any potential “flame wars”).

YouTube is mostly a place for me to watch music videos while I write, but every now and then I’ll post a video of me singing karaoke or sharing random thoughts.

I’ll be sharing a lot more thoughts on my Twitch channel.  I’ll be on cam at least three days a week, writing and sharing insights on writing for anyone interested in discussing it.

I also have a Vero account.  I know, it’s new and small, but it’s less frustrating than Facebook.  Download the app and find me at the name Stephen Mark Monteith.

My Instagram account has photos from my trips to sci-fi conventions and the occasional personal post.  Hopefully, some day, you’ll even see photos of me at my own book signings.

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